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Year One - My Friend and I

Time:2019-06-25 10:30Writer:Alicia Click: times

Topic IntroductionMy friend and I

Within these year one classes we studied the topic of friendship and learned all about the value of having good friends and being good friends. At such a young age, as they are here in the school - its important that they continue with their life lessons with social interaction and how to be kind to one another. Within these classes, we looked at how to be a good friend and how you know that you are a good friend also. It is my hope that the children will grow up to be loving, kind and caring members of society and able to interact well with those around them.

                               主题介绍 我的朋友和我

在一年级,我们学习了关于友谊的主题。我们了解了拥有好朋友和当好朋友的价值。在如此年轻的阶段,在学校里,孩子们通过社会交际继续他们的人生课程,学会如何与别人友善相处。在这些班级中,我们探讨怎么样成为好朋友,也探讨怎么知道自己是一个好朋友。 我希望孩子们长得后能友爱、关心社会成员,能同他们身边的人良好互动。