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                                   More than 100 years’ inheritance

  Shuangliu Tanghu Elementary school is a well-known school with a profound culture background which is more than one hundred years old. The school was founded in 1905. The two academies Jinxian and Guixin were combined to produce the school as it is now. It was the first modern school in Shuangliu county. Mao Zedong's (the first president of the Peoples Republic of China) Secretary Tian Jiaying once studied here. The school is located at the center of Shuangliu county, which has the honorable reputation as the airport garden city. It is five kilometers away from the Shuangliu International Airport, with the beautiful Tanghu Park just a walking distance away. The new town wetland park and the sports stadium are in close proximity. The school occupies a land area of 57 Chinese acres. It is well designed with beautiful surroundings and equipped with advanced teaching facilities, such as science labs, art rooms, music rooms, computer rooms and a whole lot more. Currently there are213 staff members, including 51 excellent teachers with honors from the province, the city and the county. The school currently has over three thousand students.


The beautiful gate of the school


The school building

                Multi-dimensional development leads to everyone’s success    

 Shuangliu Tanghu Elementary school is just like a radiant pearl on the land of Guangdu. Being nourished by the long-accumulated history and the profound cultural background, being summoned upon by the dream of successful education, the school is taking a firm stride with the idea of “Multi-dimensional development leads to everyone’s success”.


Military drills of the academy

  Shuangliu Tanghu Elementary school is implementing the strategy of“The Trinity.”  This strategy has been incorporated into the concept of “Multi-dimensional development leads to everyone’s success”. It is forging a dimensional successful teaching group. The teachers are having fun! The annual Educational scientific research conference provides fertile soil for the teachers to develop with their own wills. “Little  projects, great achievements” triggers everyone’s  passion and wisdom. Jing Xian academic society provides lots of opportunities to realize the children’s dreams. The children are happy because their dreams come true in different aspects in the school.


Learning from Leifeng

   The school’s curriculum insists on “Focusing on the children’s development, to suit the child”. With this in mind, the School is constructing a curriculum system of “Three ranks and Five aspects”. Throughout China there are three curriculum's, national, local and the individual school curriculum. The school-based curriculum includes, etiquette education, technical education, the youth military academy, art education and the compassion education. This system assures of the children’s healthy development. The system is not only the inheritance of the fine tradition of this school, but also aims to focus on the future development of the children’s education.


Featured educations

Tanghu Elementary School adheres to the philosophy of Multi-dimensional development leads to everyone’s success. It aims to shape successful teachers, to foster successful students and to build successful school. It values the construction of the school culture and emphasizes its leading role. With the back up of the profound school culture, the school is in the course of developing to be a brand with features and connotations.

The performance of the chorous team in Nanjing


The performance of the chorous team in Nanjing

Tanghu Elementary School takes the Etiquette and Habit Education as the entry point of the moral education. It stresses the forming of good living and studying habits. Etiquette and good habits are considered to be the corner stones of the youth.

Taking the school’s Academy of Sciences as a platform and making full use of the school’s Science and Technology Museum, the school is carrying on technology education projects such as Little Thesis, Little Productions, Little Inventions, Little Inquiries and little Practices. By watching a science movie, making a technical work, editing a science newspaper, designing a work with brilliant ideas, writing a science thesis and reading a science book, the students practice in activities and innovate in practices. So wisdom is born in innovations and the students’ scientific qualities are improved.


                                                   Dancing rehearsals

In 2006, the Juvenile Military School was founded within Tanghu Elementary School. The school carried out colorful and interesting military activities to hone the students’ wills and strengthen their physiques. With the help of these activities, the students acquired the qualities such as grittiness and hard working which paved the way for their successful life.

The other feature of the school is its art education. There are different kinds of are societies and interest groups. The students are organized to participate in competitions, performances within the country and around the world..


Multi-dimensional success

  The success of “multi-dimensional” education obtained approvals from leaders at all levels,  from all sectors of the community and from the children’s parents/guardians. The school had the honor to receive the Chinese youth education for all-around development. The honors included the young pioneers of Chinese scientific research and the Chinese Youth Academy of science which aims to develop students ′ knowledge surrounding all aspects of Science. Another honor is the schools′ ability to provide a harmonious environment for the children to be educated, providing the best surroundings for children to learn. The school is also the top Chinese western school in the country. The school is within the top 100 schools within the province to demonstrate music, dancing and art. The school has won numerous rewards for singing,  the most recent being at the opera house in Sydney in 2012. The school aims to provide a green environment by increasing the amounts of trees/plants around the school building. The school ensures that all students are taught the importance of morals both within the school and when at home with their families. 


                                      Model plane competitions

Moreover, the school aims to assist teachers in developing their teaching skills within the classroom environment.  The school tries to develop new teaching methods by carrying out research about the best ways to deliver education. The school provides nine years of compulsory education to its students within a school that provides modern technology. The school has a youth military academy which aims to develop students perseverance. Finally, the school believes that the children’s development should be at the heart of education and the school strives to deliver the best learning experience possible for all its students. 

School Information:

Address: NO.52, Section4, Tangzhong Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, China.