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Year 2 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Time:2019-06-25 11:35Writer:Alicia Click: times

Topic introduction: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Recently the year 2 students studied the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillarby Eric Carl.

This story has great lexical prowess in teaching students new words. With the repetition throughout of how the caterpillar is still hungry and the process of counting the food items as it goes through the week - the students are able to practise and recognize these various sentences.

The story aids children with counting in English and becoming more familiar with the days of the week. It also introduces the students to biology and the life cycle of a caterpillar.

While studying the topic we also created our own butterfly and caterpillar masks and acted our way through the story - this got the class involved with those on stage acting and those sitting in their seats to say the story together - by combining the acting and storytelling- the students were able to create understand the meaning of each sentence.


最近二年级的孩子们学习了由Eric Carl著作的故事。这个故事在教授学生新词方面有着高超的词汇学技巧。通过整个过程中毛毛虫仍然感到饥饿和数不同的食物的反复重复,在这一周的学习中孩子们能够练习和认知不同的句子。这个故事帮助孩子们用英语计数,同时对一周的每一天的英语表达更熟悉。故事也介绍了生物学和毛毛虫的生命循环。