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The Education Group of 

Shuangliu Tanghu Elementary School

  The Education Group of Tanghu Elementary School was founded in November,2013. It includes four independent judical person schools,as Tanghu ELementary School, Jiujiang Elementary School, Gongxing Elementary School and Huangjia ELementary School.Tanghu Elementary School acts as a leading role in the education group.

  Since the foundation , the education group takes“Multi-dimentional development leads to every school’s  success!”as its group philosophy. Its primitive working direction  is“Priority development, Initiative development and leading development  ”.By way of“Equilibrium,Modernization  and Internationalization of Education”,the group focuses on strengthening institutional improvement,teacher training, curriculum development and full scale of quality improvement.The education group lies on the local brand  of Tanghu Elementary School and functions as permeable and radioactive roles in school and teaching resource management.

  Being guided by the blue print of “Project leading,Class cutting-over and implementation of verified curriculums”, the education group is putting the idea of “Teacher Development School ”into practice. By doing the Project research about classes,the education group is implementing the the localization of the national curriculum. With the pattern of “Tutor+Learner”,the education group is forging a group of famous teachers in practice.Trying to expand superior educational resources and the equilibrium development of the school in the group, the Education Group of Tanghu Elementary School is striding on its way for suitable education for the students!

   The Office of Tanghu Elementary School

  The Office of Tanghu Elementary School is the organization for comprehensive affairs of the school. Being guided by the the philosophy of “Multi-dimentional development leads to everyone’s success!”,the Office starts from the point of full scale of development of the school.  The aim of the Office is to provide foresight service,reasonable co-ordination,effective supervision and satisfying service. Its core value is teachers first,and it focuses on politics,discipline,unification,service,practice, hardworking and efficiency.Being directed by the principle, the office provides service to deal with the school’s daily work and co-ordinates the work of different departments of the school.The office is responsible for the personnel management,documents,publicity,meetings,receptions, salaries,title of posts,evaluation,demonstration of school affairs and file management.Functioning as the window of Tanghu Elementary School,the office is securing all the work of the school running smoothly!

The Office of Curriculums and Teaching Affairs

  The Office of Curriculums and Teaching Affairs originated from the former Office of Teaching Affairs. It is the first level of school organization. Being guided by the philosophy of“Multi-dimentional development leads to everyone’s success!”, the office aims to promote both teachers and students’ developments and enhance education qualities.Being threaded by the curriculum construction, the office takes class education as it main working field. It co-ordinates its sub-organizations actively and conducts works as the following: Initiate professional training for the teachers; Provide instructions for the education researches;Manage the system of student status;Supervise education qualities;Organize featured education activities, etc. It aims to forge a team of teachers with virtues and talents.On the base of improving the teachers’ professional qualities and enhancing education qualities,the office organizes multiple educational activities to make sure every child grows up happily and becomes qualified for the future.

The Moral Education Department

of Shuangliu Tanghu Elementary School

  Being guided by the philosophy of“Multi-dimentional development leads to everyone’s success!”,the Moral Education Department takes“Fostering the students by virtues ” as its core value. By working on the research of “Successful Character Education” and organizing verified activities, the Education Department is forging featured educations as Etiquette Education,Art Education, Science and Technology Education,Military Academy,and  Gratitude Education. The Education department is striving for enhancing the students’ quality education and fostering modern Jinxians featured as nice virtues and outstanding talents. With all the work to be done, it is striving for making the school a brand model!

Staff of the Moral Education Department:

Director of Moral Education: Lei Zhaoli

Counsellor of the Yong Pioneer Group Headquarters: Dong Jie

Director of Art Education Center: Len Haiyan

Clerical Teachers: Wang Xiangyu , Yang Hongying

The Safety Division of Tanghu Elementary School

  The Safety Division of Tanghu Elementary School was founded in January ,2012 according to the document of NO.25[2012] of Shuangliu Education Board. Being guided by the philosophy of“Multi-dimentional development leads to everyone’s success!”, the Safety Division insists on“high moral values establishment and people cultivation, people centered education, moral education first principle and security tops all”. The working attitude of the Safety Division is “Sounding the alarm bell and be precautions beforehand.”The major working aspects of the Safety Division is the Security Education Act.The goal of the Safety Division is to foster the students’ security awareness and enhance the students’ security qualities.By way of focusing on security anytime and securing safety in every matter, the Safety Division is keeping the school developing securely and sustainable.

The Office of Internationalization of Education

  The Office of  Internationalization of Education was founded in the year of 2013. The goal of the office is to popularize the education of International Understanding;Enhance both teachers and students’International qualities;Strengthen international communication and provide service for International visits;Import advanced educational theories;Establish curriculums for International Understanding; Forge and manage a team of international teachers;Provide international service for the internationalization  of education; Advertise the featured education of the school and organize international activities. The office is forging Tanghu Elementary School a brand school with international influence.

The Internationalization of education is just like a pair of wings for Tanghu Elementary School. The powerful swings of the wings will definitely bring the school to brand new achievements in the future!

The Educational Technology Center 

of Tanghu Elementary School

  The Educational Technology Center covers the management and implementation of modern educational technology, the science and technology work and the management of Function Rooms. The equipments of educational technology worth 11,700,000 RMB. The equipments includes the multimedia network rooms, the Campus TV Station, the Electronic School bags, the function rooms , the white boards,etc. The center secures every classroom being equipped with  white boards and Internet. The center is striving for a digital and intelligent Tanghu Elementary School nowadays!

The  Education Research Office of Tanghu Elementary School

    Being guided by the philosophy of“Multi-dimentional development leads to everyone’s success!”and the back up of the school administration,the office insists on the idea of “Research develops education and the school. ”Taking the class education as its main research field, the office is concentrating on curriculum development and project research. Taking education research as the first priority,the office organizes effective activities and improves the school’s abilities and qualities of education research. Hence the quality education is enhanced and every child is experiencing the course of success. In order to enhance the management efficiency and refine the manage  process, the office takes the mode of Flat Management. It is featured as the following: Thesis proposal determines the direction of research; Tasks drive the process;Teaching and research are united closely;Rewards help to  invoke interests;Achievements help to provide platforms of research. 

The Service Center

for Teachers and Studnets of Tanghu Elementary School

  The Center is providing service for both education activities and people.By improving the service awareness and the quality of the serving personnel, the Center is securing the smoothly running of the school and providing a healthy, secure ,civilized and harmonious school environment.

The measures of the Service Center:

   1.Strengthening the service management and improve the qualities the serving personnel.

   2.Improving the service qualities by enhancing the daily management of the Center.

   3.Consolidating the moral education of the personnel of the Center.

The goal of the Service Center: Your requirements and satisfaction are our goals!