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English Teaching and Research Training Grows Talents

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August fruit fragrance, autumn chrysanthemum yellow, you and I seem to smell the fragrance of March peach and plum; autumn cool, cinnamon fragrance, you and I seem to see the future spread hope. In this autumn season, all the teachers of our school have ushered in another school season. The teachers are actively preparing for the beginning of school. The theme of this afternoon's training is to carry out teaching and research activities, listen to lectures, study teaching materials, and write teaching plans.

On the afternoon of August 28, all the teachers of our English group gathered in the second floor teacher reading room to carry out the teaching and research activities under the organization of teacher Zhang Zeying, head of teaching and research. Teacher Zhang first introduced the three new teachers this year, and talked about the current teaching arrangements.

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And then teacher Ni Xiaoqiong, an English researcher, gave us a lecture on Small Plate Book, Great role the role of "thinking Visualization" blackboard design in primary school English teaching.

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We all know that blackboard writing is a common teaching media in teaching. As an important part of classroom teaching, it can not only present the teaching content learned in class, but also strengthen the students' memory thinking. It has a strong demonstration function and is the soul reproduction of classroom content. Blackboard reflects the important and difficult points of each unit to help students clarify the context of the text.

Teacher Ni talked about the importance of blackboard in teaching, the types of blackboard writing, the types of "thinking visualization ", the eight basic forms of thinking map, the role of blackboard writing, the principles of blackboard writing design and the concrete steps of blackboard writing design. In the lecture, teacher Ni and the teachers actively interact, sometimes ask questions, sometimes discuss, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers in teaching and research, teachers express their own views, positive thinking, talk about their views and suggestions, And the reason why they like this blackboard. Ni also called the original author of the blackboard to talk about the design intention.

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In our daily teaching, with the advance of the class, we have completed the blackboard writing step by step. A good blackboard design can exercise students' thinking. We also especially like to use the mind map to design the blackboard writing. It is operable so that students can repeat the text at a glance. These blackboard designs are the crystallization of teachers' wisdom, but also show some teachers' painting skills. It can be seen that my group of teachers high personal quality, basic skills, really "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ".

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Through the solid teaching and research activities before the beginning of school, teachers understand the importance of blackboard writing, how to design blackboard writing, and the role of "thinking visualization" blackboard writing design in English teaching. Finally, Director Zhang Shuai put forward new hope for the new semester, hope that my group of teachers in the new semester to strengthen theoretical learning, practice basic skills. Teacher Zhang Zeying also gave the teachers a few hopes :1. Hope that young teachers easy to learn, rapid growth. 

2. Young and middle-aged teachers play a leading role, play the role of mainstay;

3. backbone teachers should give advice to help young teachers and young and middle-aged teachers grow up. Members of the group do their duty to be better themselves in the new semester.

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Our school in the "multi-development, everyone success" school philosophy, cultivate a thick moral, self-confidence, sunshine, personality of the successful youth. Classroom is the foundation of every teacher and the main position of education and teaching. Our teachers will do a good job in classroom, improve teaching quality, broaden children's horizons, and let our children listen to classes, speak English happily, and read. Prepare for the future international.