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Tanghu Elementray School to Celebrate the 36th Teacher's Day Retired Teachers Symposium

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In order to celebrate the 36th Teacher's Day of Tanghu Elementray School, retired teachers of Tanghu Elementray School gathered together in the morning of September 8th. A symposium of retired teachers of Tanghu Elementray School was held in the conference room on the third floor. Principal Li of Tanghu Elementray School led the administrative staff to celebrate the 36th Teacher's Day for 42 retired teachers.


First of all, Principal Li expressed her heartfelt thanks to the retired teachers for their hard work and support to the school all the time. Then, Principal Li introduced the new development and new measures of Tanghu Elementray School in detail to the retired teachers in recent years, as well as the future development direction, so that the retired teachers who always care about Tanghu Elementray school have a deeper and comprehensive understanding of the development of the school.22.jpg

Principal Li said that Tanghu Elementray School always adheres to the school philosophy of "Multi-dimensional development leads to everyones success!", and adheres to the construction of "Three lessons" to promote the development of "Three divisions" and take the road of connotation development. And the connotation of "Three lessons, three teachers" is further interpreted: to do a good job in the construction of "Three lessons (curriculum, classroom, subject)" is to grasp the soul and core of school education. Enriched curriculum construction, so that children have a variety of "dishes" to choose from, absorb adequate nutrition; Do a good job in each class, to achieve the quality of the children's development; To promote the subject research, to think deeply and systematically about education and teaching, to be a thoughtful educator.

In order to improve the children's expression, thought, practice ability, TangHu Elementary School to further implement the "Three course" of the curriculum reform, a solid foundational courses, expanding course and do the research course, to carry out the "reading" education courses, to do "three minutes before class" characteristic courses, "" labor courses, etc.

Cultivating "Three teachers (teachers, famous teachers and masters)" is one of the important goals of Tanghu Elementray School. Through the establishment of outstanding teams such as famous teachers' studio, group research association, teaching and research group, reading studio, teaching and research group, etc., the school focuses on key teachers and leads young teachers to grow rapidly with the guidance of famous teachers, the core radiation, and the training strategy of teachers with specific aspects.

After Principal Li's speech, the retired teachers also made speeches, expressing their yearning for the school, their concern and hope for the construction of the school in the new era, and offering suggestions and valuable suggestions for the development of the school.


The principal said that the development of the school cannot be separated from the hard work of the teachers in service and even more from the regretless dedication of the retired teachers. For the development of the school, for students' growth, 42 retired teachers to put their life's most brilliant time dedicated to the TangHu Elementary School, the changing seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and little effort, knowledge of dew to nourish the children's hearts, with full blood heritage of human civilization, deduce the regretless youth into a poetic life.


Finally, principal Li, on behalf of all the teachers and students of Tanghu Elementray School, wished the retired teachers a happy holiday, good health and good luck in everything!