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Achieving a Beautiful Vision, Waiting for the Blossom.The New Semester Work Meeting of Tangqi Studio in Tanghu Primary School

Time:2019-10-09 13:56Writer:钟世婷 Click: times

On September 19th, along with the autumn rain, members of the Tangqi Studio of Tanghu Primary School gathered together to carry out the first event of the studio.

The meeting was hosted by Tang Qi, They reviewed the training activities and progress that the studio had carried out last year. They confirmed the harvest and discovered the shortcomings. The activities of the new semester were also arranged according to the actual work of the school and the status of the studio members, and a clear division of work was carried out. President Zheng and Director Song also expressed their earnest hopes to the studio members.


      At the meeting,Ms Tang focused on the original intention and concept of the studio. From the aspects of functional tasks, classroom exploration, project research, and theoretical practice, Ms Tang expounds the goal of future work, and proposes a group cooperative learning model in classroom teaching to cultivate children's language expression ability. 


     The new start, the new journey. The studio became another training station for the young members. The members learn from each other and grow together. Under the leadership of Ms Tang, the studio will be able to achieve results.