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Striving and Sharpening hard -Tanghu Primary School Participates in the Chengdu Children's Fun Track and Field Competition and wins the Double.

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September is a season full of fruitsclear and cool. On September 21, more than 20 members of the track and field team from Tanghu Primary School went to Chengdu Wen Weng Experimental Primary School on behalf of our school to participate in the "Sports Chengdu" 2019 Chengdu Children's Fun Track and Field Competition and achieved remarkable results.

The children's fun track and field competition consists of seven items, including short-span relay, cross jump, throwing children's javelin, throwing over obstacles, formula one, pole vault and 6-minute endurance run. It includes three categories of running, jumping and throwing, and comprehensively tests the students' speed, endurance, agility, coordination and strength. Children's Fun Track and Field Tournament raises students' interest in physical exercise and cultivates their awareness of lifelong physical exercise through bright colors, novel equipment and interesting racetracks.

In the competition, the members of Tanghu Primary School fully carried forward the sports spirit of fighting bravely, never giving up, unity and cooperation, adhering to the firm belief of "believe in yourself, I can succeed". Both Group A and Group C of Grade 5 fulfilled expectations, both won the Chengdu championship and retained the double crown! And they will represent Chengdu in the national finals in November! The achievement of this honor cannot be separated from the hard work of our young athletes, the support of parents, class advisers and counselors, and the patient guidance of the coaches.

This competition shows good mental outlooks of students from Tanghu Primary School. With their perseverance and patience, they tell the spirit of the good teenagers in the new era who are indomitable and brave to challenge difficulties. Young athletes will continue their perseverance and perseverance, not for a moment of joy, not for a moment of glory, but turn their persistent faiths into a running, burning dream in their heart, never stop. This is the elegant demeanour of Tang's young athletes, and it is also the constant belief of good teenagers in the new era.

Mixed Group A contestants:

Liu Tanyou(6.1) Liu Sitong(6.4) Liang Junchen(6.5) Feng Ziyun, Qian Jingyi, Yang Sihan(6.10) Chen Mingxuan, Liu Yuqi(5.10) Yu Shiyue(4.10) Chen Zixuan(4.11) Xiong Zihao(3.11) Yang Jingyi(3.13)

Group C contestants of Grade 5:

Yang Jinxuan(5.4) Huang Rui, Wu Yusi(5.5 ) Hu Tairan(5.6) Ling Sihan(5.7) Long Yixin, Song Junfei, Xie Bolai(5.8 ) Zhang Ruixi(5.9) Zhang Lin, Liao Yichen(5.12) Zhang Yuxuan(4.7)

(Texts: Zhu Geying   Pictures: Track and Field Coach Team)