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My second day at school

Time:2018-03-16 12:48Writer:123456 Click: times

My Second Day at School.


After a brilliant first day, I was very much looking forward to the second. I arrived at the school in the morning to be greeted by many students and teachers who were all keen to welcome me and show off their English skills.

As it turned out, it was International Women’s Day (something we don’t celebrate back in England). I turned up to work and saw all the men lined up by the front gate with roses in their hands to give to the female teachers as they arrived. This was such an amazing thing to do I was pleasantly surprised.

Once again, I observed a few English classes throughout the day while planning for my first lessons I had the following week. Again, I was impressed at the teaching style of the teachers here and the enthusiasm of the students who genuinely wanted to learn English.


The day ended early, at lunch time, as it was international women’s day. My fellow teachers and I went for a celebration meal at a local restaurant where we made a (several actually) toast to the female teachers at the school followed by a quick trip to the park in the sun.

My second day at school was definitely an eventful and surprising one for sure!