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My Third Day at School

Time:2018-03-16 12:58Writer:123456 Click: times

My Third Day at School.


My third day at school, a Friday, started as normal with me observing some more classes and learning more about how to teach a Chinese class and picking up some valuable tips, such as repetition is key to learning new words.

Then, after lunch, there was a big school wide assembly in the sports field just outside the school. It started with a flag raising ceremony where some students carried three flags to the flag poles and hoisted them to the top (similar to what I saw in America) then proceeded to read out some words. This was followed by the higher ups reading out some general news and notices. This was unexpected as this rarely happens in the UK.

Overall, my first week at my new school was an eventful and surprising one. I learned not only some new teaching tips and styles, but how such a different culture and society operates in their own way. I cannot wait to start teaching on Monday.