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My First Day at School

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My First Day At School.



My name is Josh and I’m the new foreign teacher for this school.  I have been in China for two weeks so far, and my experience has been amazing. Coming from England, I expected this country to be different, somewhat more alien and behind the times. This, however, couldn’t be more wrong! Ever since I arrived I have met some of the most friendly, generous and helpful people I have ever known.

My first day at school was certainly an interesting one. I met some of the teachers and students, then I observed two English classes. This was a fascinating experience for me as I had never experienced this kind of teaching in another country before. The contrast here was amazing as the children were so much more well behaved, motivated and active than the children back in England who tend to be more badly behaved and disinterested.

On my first day I observed several lessons taught by the local English teachers and, safe to say, I was impressed both at their work ethic and how they engaged with the students. I am very much looking forward to what my second day at the school brings.