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Students and teachers from Tanghu Primary School Go for a Cultural Trip in Thailand (4)

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The cultural trip in Thailand comes to the end, it gets a great success! This visit is organized by Education Foreign Exchange Center of Chengdu, which aims to build the international understanding course for the children’s ability of cross cultural communciation with the help of families and schools. 

一、 The cross cultural education is widely publicized 

      According to the City Board of Education’s request, the cross cultural education must be known among the grade five students and get active supports from their parents.


二. Apply voluntarily and are recruited through elective trials from the employees of the group

    Students can apply for the chance to enter this course through art trials, speech and the rules of Tanghu Primary School. They know so much cultural understanding knowledge and adjust themselves to the course through this preparation for the trip.


三.Who else should attend the training-their teachers and their parents

In order to make some details clear, our school hold meetings for parents and teachers in advance. After those meetings, teachers and students know the importance of cultural understanding and are excited for the coming.




四、the journey is the course , the course exists wherever we go 

We are learning wherever we go

Students fill in the handbook on some Thailand culture, which is written by the foreign affairs office. And students must finish the handbook when make their reflection. That’s a useful tool for a meaningful trip !



五、 the teachers are kind to the students and help students become more  independant







Muti-development lead to success. Students will grow up happily when they experience more success and have such great international courses.


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Translator : Mark