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Do your best to cultivate Students and dedicate Years of Youth cast teacher's soul —— Tanghu Elementary School Branch organizes retired teachers to celebrate the 36th Teachers' Day Symposium

Time:2020-09-22 16:31Writer:吴姣 Click: times

Chase the wings of time, they are a ray of warm candlelight; for the growth of flowers and fruits, we listen to the singing of green leaves. In order to celebrate the 36th Teachers' Day of Tanghu Elementary School, on the morning of September 8,42 retired teachers of Tanghu Elementary School gathered together and held a forum for retired teachers of Tanghu Elementary School in the conference room on the third floor to celebrate the 36th Teachers' Day. The meeting was presided over by Comrade Zhang Yongzhi, organizing member of the Tanghu Elementary School Branch, and attended by Secretary Li Shunrong, secretary and principal of the Tanghu Elementary School Branch and all administrative personnel.


First of all, Secretary Li Shunrong expressed his heartfelt thanks to retired teachers for their concern and support for the work of the school as always. Then, he introduced to retired teachers the new development of Tanghu Elementary School in recent years.



Tanghu Elementary School always adheres to the idea of "pluralistic development, everyone's success" as the guide, pays attention to the construction of "three lessons ", promotes the development of" three teachers "and takes the road of connotation development. Standing at the school's point of view, Secretary Shunrong made a further interpretation of the connotation of "three lessons and three teachers ": grasping the" three lessons (curriculum, classroom, subject)" construction is to grasp the soul and core of school education; enriching curriculum construction so that children have rich "dishes" choices and absorb sufficient nutrition; giving each class a good job to realize the quality development of children; promoting subject research, deeply and systematically thinking about education and teaching, and being an ideological educator. In order to improve the children's ability of expression, speculation and practice, Tanghu Elementary School has carried out the curriculum reform of the "third order curriculum" in depth, done a solid job of basic courses, expanded courses, intensive research courses, carried out reading education courses, and insisted on doing a good job of "three minutes before class" characteristic micro-curriculum ," six into six sessions "labor curriculum. The development of "three teachers (teachers, famous teachers, masters)" is one of the important goals of Tanghu Elementary School. Through the establishment of famous teachers studio, group research, teaching and research staff research group, reading studio, teaching and research group and other excellent teams, with famous teachers leading, core radiation, point-to-face teacher training strategy, pay attention to backbone teachers, lead young teachers to grow rapidly. 

The development of the school can not be separated from the hard work of all teachers, but also from the unrepentant dedication of retired teachers. For the development of the school, for the growth of students ,42 retired teachers dedicated their most brilliant period of life to Tanghu Elementary School, moistened the hearts of children with the nectar of knowledge, and passed on human civilization with full of hot blood. Will no regrets of youth into a poetic life. Finally, Secretary Li Shunrong on behalf of all teachers and students of Tanghu Elementary School wishes retired teachers a happy holiday, good health and all the best!