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Time:2016-12-21 19:45Writer:倪晓琼 Click: times

剧中角色:Father Bear, Mother Bear, Baby Bear, Little Girl

Once upon a time, there lived a bear family in Spring Forest. The bears loved singing songs. They often played and sang songs together. One day, a little girl was lost in the forest. She entered the bears’ house. The bears were very kind to the girl. They helped her find her way home.


Scene One

In the bears’ home

Father Bear: I am Father Bear. I like reading. (熊爸爸拿张报纸坐在沙发上说。)

Mother Bear: I am Mother Bear. I like cooking. (熊妈妈在做饭。)

Baby Bear: I am Baby Bear. I like singing.(熊宝宝唱着歌快乐地跑到妈妈身边。)Mummy, mummy, the soup is hot. Let’s go to the forest and play, ok?

Mother Bear: Good idea.

Father Bear: It’s a sunny day. Let's go.

I love my father, I love my mother they love me, they love me!(一家人幸福地唱着歌朝森林走去。)

Scene Two

A place which is not far from the bears’ house

Little Girl: I am a little girl. I like playing. But now I am lost in the forest. I feel thirsty and tired. (小女孩迷茫地望望四周,然后惊喜地大喊。) A house, a house! I see a house! (她高兴地跑向小熊的房子。)

Little Girl: May I come in? (小女孩轻轻地敲了敲门,把耳朵贴在门上仔细地听了听)May I come in? Maybe there is nobody in it. (她推门而入。)

Little Girl: Mmm, mmm, what a nice smell! A-ha, some soup.

I don’t like Father Bear’s soup.

I don’t like Mother Bear’s soup.

Yummy, yummy! I like Baby Bear’s soup.

Now I’m full. I’ll have a rest. (小姑娘找到卧室发现了小熊的床。) I like Baby Bear’s bed. (她躺在小熊的床上睡着了。)


Scene Three

Father Bear: Baby, it’s time to go home.

Baby Bear: No, no, no. We haven’t played “hide and seek”.

Mother Bear: We can play it later.

Baby Bear: OK.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.(三只小熊唱着歌回家了。)


Scene Four

Baby Bear: Daddy, daddy. Look! The door is open.

Mother Bear: Don’t worry.

Baby Bear: Mummy, mummy. Look! My soup is empty.

Mother Bear: Maybe a cat ate it.

Father Bear: Don’t worry.

Baby Bear: Look! A pretty girl is in my bed.

Mother Bear: Hush, she must be very tired.

Little Girl: 小姑娘被小熊的喊叫吵醒了,她揉揉眼睛说。“Mr Bear, I’m very sorry. But I lost my way. Can you help me find my

mother? I miss them very much.(小女孩哭了起来。)

Baby Bear: Don’t cry, please. My father is a great father. We can help you.

Little girl: Really? Thank you very much.