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Angle(天使): Pleasant Goat(喜羊羊招牌动作)and his family members-- Lazy Goat(懒羊羊睡觉状), Beauty Goat(美羊羊Im pretty, right?,Fit Goat(沸羊羊)(Warm Goat )暖羊羊,(Slow Goat)慢羊羊  live in the Goat Village. And Grey Wolf (灰太狼,阴笑) and his family members ——Red wolf (红太狼,嘻笑),Little Grey (小灰灰)live in the beautiful and big castel. 


AngleThe wolves use their brains every day, and try to catch these goats. So a long battle between the goats and the wolves begins to break out.(大家定格亮相,从两边下场。)



Grey WolfHoney, can you carry the basket for me? (红太狼不情愿)

Red WolfWhat do you want  to do?

Grey WolfI want to pick some apples for our


Red WolfOh, I don’t like  apples.

Grey Wolf:(灰太狼忙到树上摘了一个果子,赶紧捧着送到红太狼的嘴边)

其他孩子:唱歌(Apple Tree song,伴舞.

Grey WolfHoney, here's an apple. How delicious! How sweet!


Little Grey: Mommy, apples are juicy and good for your skin.

Red WolfI am not a goat but a wolf. I want to eat goats.()



Grey WolfWait for me, honey, I  will go to Goat Village and catch goats for you.



羊们一起表演twinkle, twinkle ,little star》

Beauty Goat:How beautiful! I like the stars.


Lazy and Fat Goat(懒羊羊): Its a beautiful night. But I want to sleep.(睡觉状,开始打呼噜)

Fit Goat(沸羊羊): (出场时板着脸孔,一副很酷的样子,跑步状)I want to be stronger than others. Then I can beat the Gray Wolf.

Warm Goat:(从羊村里慢慢走出来,东看看西瞧瞧,像是在放哨一样)Its a quiet night. But Im afraid of the wolves.

Slow Goat: Yes, its too quiet and we should be careful.

Pleasant Goat:Look, the Grey Wolf is coming. Run, quickly, run.

(小羊们大叫):“Run, run, run!”

Grey Wolf:Don't be afraid. Don't run, dear goats, I want to be your friend.


Pleasant Goat:Really?

Beauty Goat:I don't believe  him.

Fat Goat:Oh, I'm sleepy. You discuss it. I want to sleep.

Grey Wolf: I have some presents for you.


Grey Wolf:This is a beautiful scarf. It's for you, Beauty Goat.

Beauty Goat:Thanks a lot.


Beauty Goat:Wow, how nice! It's from Grey Wolf and Red Wolf, I like it.


Beauty GoatLook, am I pretty? I am very happy.

 (边唱边跳起舞来。配音乐If you are happy做美丽造型!)


Grey Wolf:This box of chocolate is for Lazy and Fat Goat. But he's asleep.

          Maybe I can give it to ....


Fat Goat:Oh, I'm here. I'm awake. Chocolate is my favourite food.


Fit Goat(沸羊羊): (一副很不高兴的样子Hey, Gray Wolf! What present do you bring for me?

Grey Wolf:Im sorry. I left your present at home. Tomorrow I will bring it for you.

Fit Goat(沸羊羊): (还是一副很不高兴的样子,恨着他

Warm Goat,Slow Goat:(两人一齐说)Don’t believe  him ,he is a cheater.

Pleasant Goat:(没听劝,想趁机会和狼套套近乎)Grey Wolf, what do you mean? If you want to be our friend, please do some housework for us.

Grey Wolf:Ok. What  can I do for you?

Beauty Goat:Clean the house for us. Let's go on playing.




Grey Wolf:Haha! My wife will have a big goat dinner to eat!


Pleasant Goat:Grey wolf, you are our friend. Come and join us.(喜羊羊朝狼挥手,狼高兴坏了)

Grey Wolf:OK.I’m coming. I’m coming!(乐极生悲踩到了自己放的夹子Oh, my god. My foot was clamped!

Pleasant Goat:(大笑起来Silly wolf! Silly wolf!

Grey Wolf:(很久才挣脱出来,灰溜溜逃走I’ll come back again!

Goats: (大笑)Grey Wolf has run away. We win!

(跳集体舞: If you’re happy, clap your hands


Angle:Bad deeds, as well as good, may rebound upon the doer.

       Remember: Never be weary of well doing, our dear friends.

(所有演员上台谢幕,手拉手“Thank you.”)