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The cultivation of Integrated thinking character in the implementation of Multi-objective Curriculum: The fourth "expert comes to Shuangliu" and Grade 5 English teaching Research and training activities in the second Phase of the 2018-2019 academic year

Time:2019-05-27 22:31Writer:刘佳瑶 Click: times

In the early morning of May 7, the fourth "expert comes to Shuangliu" and English fifth grade research and training activities in Shuangliu District were solemnly held in Tanghu Primary School. At the invitation of Mr. Shang Meilin, an English teacher and researcher at the Primary School of Shuangliu District Research and training Center, Mr. Gong Yafu, chairman of the foreign language Teaching Committee of the Chinese Academy of Education and a researcher at the China Academy of Educational Sciences, visited Tanghu Primary School as a national expert and participated in the whole process of the research and training activities. There were a lot of experts attending this activity, including Feng Zhigang, director of the primary school of Shuangliu District Research and training Center, Guo Pei expert of the Ministry of Education, Deputy Secretary General of the Committee of experts on Foreign language Teaching of Sichuan Teaching Society, and Fu Chunmin, Deputy Director of Australian Research Center of Sichuan normal University, Senior high school English teaching and research teacher Lei Chuanli, Tianfu New District primary school English teaching and research staff Shang Yulin and so on. This is a grand event of "talking to experts and traveling with famous teachers". The leading group of Tanghu Primary School attaches great importance to it. Li Shunrong, the headmaster, opened the event with the opening speech of "promoting" pluralistic success "education and casting the brand of a famous school for a hundred years".


We will implement this activity in a class. The first class of this research and the training activity was taught by Mr. Li Dongping from Shuangliu Middle School Experimental affiliated Primary School-"Put them into the bins".Most of the traditional primary school English teaching is themed by"eating, drinking and playing", which focuses on instrumental goals, but neglects the cultivation of students' necessary character and ability and lacks the development of students' mind, character, self-cultivation, quality and so on. In order to solve such problems and build multiple targeted English curriculum , the “put them into the bins” emerged which designed a series of contents correlating with the growth of students, including a lot of tasks about cultivating students’ characteristics and habits. In this curriculum, except for the traditional garbage classification, the text book attaches great importance to the recycling resources in a vivid and interesting way, at the same time, cultivates students’ creativity and imaginations with the angel of reusing. The perfect teaching design of Mrs Li made the students study better. All of the students of Tanghu primary school were environmental protectors, not only could easily tell different types of garbage should be put into the right colored garbage can, but also made exquisite garbage can using their wasted paper box and ring pull can and designed their own logo.Through a variety of cognitive thinking activities, in the completion of a variety of tasks, children's analysis, induction, inference, classification and other thinking skills and problem-solving skills have been cultivated, English reading and expression ability have been trained!


The second class is a new standard textbook of the foreign research edition taught by Mr. Zhao Jun of our school- “ Module 7 Unit 1My father goes to work at eight o'clock every morning.”  Mr. Zhao started his class through a video and gave the topic “what time do they go to work?  what do they do?

In teaching, Mr. Zhao used the way of "information difference" to let the four groups get different information about the dialogue in the second part of the text, making full use of pictures, audio and video and other resources, fully setting up a series of questions, and taking the three interrogative words of Who, What time, What as clues. Living with a variety of reading skills to guide students to complete the text reading. At the same time, in order to improve students' reading ability and create reading and performing activities, students' forms of expression are enriched. On the basis of having a certain language support, Mr. Zhao guided the fifth grade second class students to use the core sentence pattern to complete the oral expression of their family working time and occupation, fully excavating the students' imagination space and improving the students' thinking ability.

Finally, a video stimulates students to love learning, considerate parents, teachers and every laborer, there is no distinction between high and low professions, everyone is silently dedicated in ordinary positions. "360 lines, line out of the number one."


The third class is a new standard textbook for foreign research, which is taught by Liu Qinyi, an experimental school in Tonghu Middle School -“Module 7 unit 2, I will be home at seven’ o’clock” Through a flower posted on the blackboard, she designed to draw petals for guessing activities to stimulate students to actively participate in the classroom. The children in Class 7 of Grade 5 and Grade 7 in our school participated passionately, cooperated highly and played happily in the classroom!


After class, Mr. Gong Yafu brought us a colorful lecture "realizing students' all-round Development through English Learning-Design and Teaching of multiple tasks". Combined with the class example, Gong praised the teachers for their reasonable classroom design, which stimulated the students' desire to learn and express. Tanghu primary school children thinking quality is very high, the use of English to solve problems is very strong, teachers usually solid teaching work!

"the value of learning English is not only to use it as a tool for communication, but also to cultivate students' character, mind, critical and creative thinking ability, so that students can learn to think in another language. Teach students the basic etiquette of international communication and make them become the people with healthy character and international vision. " Gong stressed that English teaching needs to establish multiple goals and integrate the cultivation of students' character and mode of thinking. We need to break through the old thinking pattern, using more diversified teaching design, and cultivating students' comprehensive language use ability.



Finally, the time for your questions, Miss Gong also gave a very detailed explanation of our questions. We should input as much knowledge as possible to the students in our daily teaching. Students do not necessarily study only one textbook in a semester. Students' study must be extensive and miscellaneous, not less but fine; Language acquisition is a naturally generated process, even if you understand it, it is also a kind of acquisition! As he said, "The more mistakes you make,the better students/teachers you/we are!"

The teaching and research activities are so nervous and full. This is not only an in-depth discussion of the fourth "expert into Shuangliu" activity, but also a baptism in the thinking of teachers. The teachers all felt that the trip was worth it and the harvest was full. This activity provides the teacher with the study platform, letting the teacher walk into the English education everybody, drawing on everyone's theoretical knowledge and the front line teacher's excellent teaching idea and the classroom experience. "pick the length of a hundred families, make the honey of a hundred flowers", we experience the joy of growth and success!