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Enjoy eading and growing freely -discussion activities of Che Shuang small Project Research Society of Tanghu Primary School Education Group

Time:2019-05-27 22:21Writer:刘佳瑶 Click: times

After the several rainy days, the sky finally cleared. On eighth, May, Che Shuang small Project Research society of Tanghu Primary School Education Group comes to Tanghu primary school(the south campus) and implement their activities about reading the entire book. What is enjoyable readingIt means reading our desirable contents with a good mood. What is readingreading means acquiring information, knowing the world, diverging the thinking and getting aesthetic experiences through languages. Chinese is so important and the reading ranks the second place. As a saying, if you perform well in reading, you can get good grades in your Chinese. So Chinese teacher must pay attention to the teaching of reading.image.png

The first class taking in class1,Grade 4, taught by Mrs. Liu, brought us the introduction of “ a cat who has lived a million times”. Mrs. Liu gave a question “ Have you ever raised a cat” as a topic to attract children’ interests. In her teaching, she lets her students make bold predictions, think carefully and use imaginations to help students with their reading, not only making students understand the story easily, but also stimulating their imagination and expression ability and letting them adapt the story. Chinese learning is the unity of instrumental and humanistic. Finally, Mr. Liu gives a brief introduction to the author, so that students can fully understand the unique meaning of "White Cat". This book seems to write about cats, but in fact, write about people. everyone has their own most cherished people in their lives, and he is the "white cat" in our lives, embodying of love.


In the second class, Mr. Luo Qing and the students in Class 2 of Grade 3 brought us the whole book exchange of “the Wizard of Oz”. Before that, Mr. Luo had given recommendations to the children, taking them to compare the similarities between “the Wizard of Oz” and “Journey to the West”. Teacher Luo led the children to review the four protagonists and asked the students to sort out the main contents of the story according to the cause and process. Through "drawing route, combing reason", the main places of the story are listed clearly, and the results are presented on the blackboard by promoting the plot", and the reading strategy of "view method" is revealed. By using the three methods of "looking for catalogues, looking at titles and reading content", students make clear the events by four-member group cooperative learning experienced by the protagonists in the process of realizing their wishes and feels their journey of growth


After the class, the teachers had a full exchange and discussion on the two classes. The reading teaching also needs students to read quietly. In the first half of Liu Jie's teaching, teachers are more involved and there are a lot of broken problems. The first six stories can make students find similarities in content and write after reading, transiting to story creation naturally. In their emotional attitude and values, we should pay attention to learning, not beyond the cognitive ability of children. Teacher Luo has a lot of teaching content without the prominent the core goal. We can try to narrow the point in order to explore the changes before and after reading to review the story plot, so that the students can sum up that only by experiencing and overcoming difficulties will they grow. And let the students think about what they "lack?" "how can we have what is missing?" Students must be stimulated by reading throug connecting the reality and have their own opinion, then growing up.


The book we have read, like the meal we have eaten, has been transformed into our bones, muscles and blood, although we can't remember how much we have eaten. And the books we have read, bit by bit shape our souls, and one day it will inadvertently show from your temperament, words and deeds, thoughts. People who enjoy reading can grow up freely!