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Unity Promotes Growth, Team Builds Talents --- Records of Ms. Luo Chao's Participation in “Star of Tomorrow”

Time:2019-05-23 13:07Writer:郑义 Click: times

Life can grow through sharpening. As a teacher, what we do has been constantly honing ourselves to make students study more efficiently. In May 2019, the "Star of Tomorrow" competition in Shuangliu District was officially launched. Ms. Luo Chao, an art teacher in Tanghu Primary School, participated in the competition on behalf of the school.


In the usual teaching activities, Ms. Luo pays full attention to students which lays a solid foundation for the class competition. In the first three days of the competition, she drew lots. It was a  appreciation lesson "Flowers in Life and Art". The whole group of teachers worked together to help Ms. Luo discuss and evaluate the lesson, so that her ideas were clearer.



On the eve of class, the team teachers actively helped prepare teaching aids, hand-made titles, writing blackboard, making evaluation, etc. With the help of Ms. Chen Jin and other teachers, Ms. Luo Chao completed a wonderful appreciation lesson finally.


This activity not only makes Ms. Luo Chao grow up, but also fully reflects the spirit of cooperation of Tanghu Primary School Art Team. We are a whole. Only with everyone's efforts, can we succeed!