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Red Enlightenment Strives to Be a Counselor of the New Era --- Training Meeting of Young Pioneer Squadron Counselors in Tanghu Primary School, Shuangliu District, Spring, 2019

Time:2019-05-17 16:15Writer:郑义 Click: times

In order to further promote the work of our school's young pioneers, constantly improve the ideological and political quality, professional ability and work level of our school's squadron counselors, and clarify the responsibilities of the squadron counselors in the new era. On May 10, Vice-President Zheng Xiang, Director Lei zhaoli of the Moral Education Department, Vice-Director Dong Jie of the Moral Education Department and Team Counselor Zhang Hang, together with all the counselor teachers from Grade 1 to Grade 5, gathered in the school conference room to conduct a professional training meeting for Young Pioneer Squadron Counselors of Tanghu Primary School in Spring Shuangliu District in 2019.


At the training meeting, Dong Jie, vice-director of the Moral Education Department, trained the young pioneers from three aspects: the nature and function of etiquette, the content of etiquette, and the requirements of standardization of etiquette for young pioneers. Among them, detailed practical training was carried out on how to standardize team etiquette, wear red scarves and so on. All the counselors listened attentively and practiced earnestly, which was highly praised by Vice President Zheng Xiang. Dong Jie's humorous and interesting way of training won applause from time to time.




Finally, Mr. Zheng, Vice-President, expressed his hope to all the teachers: to clarify their responsibilities, play a good leading role, standardized Young Pioneer etiquette education, guide students, and strive to become a new era squadron instructor.

Through this training, we have further improved the professional quality and ability of the team counselors, and have a deeper understanding of their work responsibilities and requirements. I hope our young Pioneers work together with all Tangxiao people to create a more brilliant tomorrow.